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How am I doing with Allen? Good? Okayish? Gut wrenchingly awful? Hopefully not that last one... I am open to crit any time, please don't be afraid to tell me if I'm doing it wrong, I like improving.

IP logging is off, anon commenting is on, but not screened as I'll probably reply and screening tends to mess it up a bit.

Here is a link to my application for Polychromatic.
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You see that freaky looking eye in Allen's icon? That is a curse that allows him to see akuma, his canon's horrible monster types. For those that don't know, akuma are deceased souls bound and used as fuel for the big bad's minions. They look like this. What I need to know from you is if your character has any kind of 'true form' that Allen will be able to see. Allen's eye CANNOT see everything, for example he would be able to see Naruto's kyuubi, but not if a character is just a different species. If your character is in any way demonic, Allen will see a dark aura looming around them when they use their demonic powers.

SO. Does your character have anything like that and if so can Allen see it?
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[Since SOMEONE is a horrible kidnapping douchebag, Allen has been on one of his frequent money raising sprees. He's all around today, hitting casino's and winning far too much money, bouncers, pit bosses, you may need to have a word with this young high roller!

He's also at all the poker games, come in early enough and he'll actually seem to be losing, that poor teenage boy, trying his darndest in what is probably his first ever high stakes game, so young and foolish~

Another thing he's doing today, while it's still daytime? Street performing! Come one, come all, watch in amazement as Allen Walker juggles six bowling balls, a vast array of swords and one small child from the crowd who somehow isn't dying from all of this. As he juggles, he is riding a unicycle. The unicycle is perched atop a large, brightly coloured rubber ball. There is a hat you may wish to drop money into. Hopefully no police officers will come along and discover he doesn't actually have a permit to do this.]

((Please state which choice you'd like to tag in for in the heading, he is busy today! Also feel free to notice him as that boy that was hustling people in that OTHER casino down the road half an hour ago and try to demand your money back, challenge him to a game, do whatever!))
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[Oh grab bag weekend, what fresh horrors will you bring today? Two roommates are about to find out, as a pink haired girl who definitely does not look like a girl and white haired boy that definitely does not look like a boy walk out of their respective rooms and walk into each other.]

Miss Euphie!?

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[You may not have seen Allen out in the City for about a week. This is because he has been home on a fancy canon update. How fancy? Fancy enough that a giant white gate appears by the fountain, which Allen pops out of before it crumbles away into oblivion. It is very FLASHY and NOTICABLE.

But for those not anywhere near the fountain or interested in investigating this strange new development, they can always check out the post on the network that appears about five seconds later as Allen picks up the communicator, accidentally turning on the video.]

........Four times. [Sigh] Hello again, everyone.


Apr. 16th, 2011 09:31 pm
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I've been meaning to do this for a while, but things have been a little busy lately. For those that don't know, I'm Allen Walker and I work as a clown at the circus.

The circus was planning on a big performance a while back, but most of our performers have gone home. All of them, really... So! If there's any acrobats, tightrope walkers, animal tamers or anything like that looking for a job, we'd be glad to have you. If there's anyone that could help with managing the place and keeping everything organised, we could use someone for that too. The job pays relatively well so don't worry about that, if anyone's interested please get in touch with me. Thank you.


Feb. 19th, 2011 05:17 pm
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[This video is incredibly shaky, jerking all over the place like a bad horror movie effect. And like in the movies, it doesn't show the recorders face as the camera swivels around the room, facing everything from the walls to the ceiling to a close up view of his boots. You can, however, hear the kid as he fiddles.]

-hell's this thing? Looks dumb. Where'd the circus go, damn it?

((Grab bag aging curse, Allen will be phsyically and mentally younger for the weekend. He is now the most angry tsundere filthy hobo brat you ever did see.))
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Mr Flynn Rider, might I have a word? I'd rather talk to you privately than get the police any more involved.

((Fallout from the thieving which I meant to have up ages ago my bad. And by private, I mean super easily hackable because Allen fails at technology forever.))
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[There are so many plates on the screen. So, so many, piled up impossibly high. Allen is fiddling with his communicator for a moment as he sits in the cafe, waiting. Waiting for the video feed to turn on, waiting for the waitress to bring out more food, and waiting to see if anyone else shows up to interrupt his meal. The screen finally focuses on him a moment later.]

This is a curse, isn't it? I've had three or four people show up to talk to me, only to disappear after a few minutes. And everyone is posting about the same thing happening to them. It doesn't seem so bad as curses go, it's just talking to people, but wh- Oh!

[He cuts off to thank the waitress finally brings out a wheelbarrow of food, digging into that pile like a boss! Allen seems to have forgotten what he was making a post about now that the distraction of food is here oh my gosh this cake is amazing etc. etc. Somehow, his stomach has not yet exploded. Aren't you tempted by this impressive display ladies?]

((Everybody come speed date the human black hole he is a very social creature ♥))

002 [Video]

Jan. 4th, 2011 08:08 pm
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I'm a little lost. I'm always getting lost, my sense of direction is so awful, I wind up in the wrong place at the worst times.

Does anybody know how to get to back to the apartments from... I think I'm on a farm?
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[Imagine it, you’ve just been attacked by your enemies and sent into a trance by some crazy eye thing, next thing you know you’re waking up on the ground in a strange new world. Allen sits up, looking around for some clue of where he is or someone that could help him.] What on earth- Hello? Is anyone there?

[Oh look, a strange contraption next to him, how did that get here? Yet more questions! Allen picks it up and stares curiously; clearly the next thing to do is to start pushing aaaaall the buttons on it, accidentally triggering the voice feed.] What is this thing? It doesn’t seem to do much.

[After a moment or two of tinkering the video feed clicks on, showing Allen’s face. Upside down. Give him a minute, he’s new at this.] Eh? It beeped, what’s it doing now?
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This journal is being recycled for Polychromatic, if anyone from Entranceway is still friended to this journal please friend remove jesusing_clown, thank you.
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Cut for being too long and rambly damn you Allen and your nightmares )

((Long story short, a psycho killer with magical and questionably holy powers implanted his memories into Allen and is trying to drive him insane so he can take over his body and might kill all his friends when he does. Watch out for said psycho killer manifesting himself to your character, he is not safe. Allen leads a fun life :'D))
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[Allen woke up this morning and extremely wanted to train, as he does every morning before the sun comes up. But he didn't just want to train, he also wanted to practice his l33t circus skills! And eat. Oh boy did he extremely want to eat. The compromise he reached was to walk on his hands all the way to the kitchen. From the third floor. The stairs are going to be a bitch.]


Jul. 21st, 2010 10:39 am
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[You know what this mansion needs? More music. The song (minus the lyrics, they're only playing in Allen's head) echoes throughout the hallways surrounding the piano room on the ground floor. The golem Allen usually uses to broadcast posts is currently busy showing the piano score, the music can be heard playing but any attempts to communicate with him will get rid of the sheet music and piss Allen off. And he's not the sanest individual at the best of times.]

((I've been meaning to give Allen a mirror account for a while now, what better opportunity. Replies will be by [info]monster_clown ))


May. 31st, 2010 11:06 am
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Claw of Destruction!

[Allen is joining the bandwagon of trying to blow a hole through the barrier to escape, there are giant cross shaped explosions galore. Some of the more spiritually sensitive of you might be able to feel the raw holy power that is his arm, of course all the glowing crosses could be a helpful clue too.]

Damn it Tim, this isn't working! If I could connect to the Ark... [The screams outside are driving him crazy, he has to get out and help damn it! Time for moar explosions!


May. 13th, 2010 12:30 am
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That last event was... It wasn't what I expected.

I need to apologise to some people... To everyone I was rude to as a child, I'm very sorry. Especially Seimei and Ritsuka, I would never have attacked you like that... Aah, I hope you can all forgive me for my terrible attitude.


May. 10th, 2010 08:37 am
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[There is a tiny filthy hobo brat in the kitchen, eating aaaaall the food in the fridge. He's collecting some for later too, so there's food on the floor. His golem which normally acts as a communicator is buzzing around him, but he's mostly been ignoring the weird flying thing, much to Tim's chagrin. Seems he accidentally started recording when he knocked the damn thing away.]

Tch, leave me alone.


Apr. 24th, 2010 08:21 pm
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[Allen is practicing flying around outside, he's a little awkward, but seems to be enjoying himself as he flits about.

He isn't really too keen on the type of wings he has, the purple sort of butterfly wings decorated with clubs, but he's ignoring the fact that his wings are inspired by evil man eating golems from his world in favour of 'Whee I can fly :D:D:D]

Haha, I think I'm getting it Tim.


Apr. 11th, 2010 04:38 pm
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Help! Timcampy is pregnant, but there's a bomb strapped to him! And it's about to blow!


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