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[Since SOMEONE is a horrible kidnapping douchebag, Allen has been on one of his frequent money raising sprees. He's all around today, hitting casino's and winning far too much money, bouncers, pit bosses, you may need to have a word with this young high roller!

He's also at all the poker games, come in early enough and he'll actually seem to be losing, that poor teenage boy, trying his darndest in what is probably his first ever high stakes game, so young and foolish~

Another thing he's doing today, while it's still daytime? Street performing! Come one, come all, watch in amazement as Allen Walker juggles six bowling balls, a vast array of swords and one small child from the crowd who somehow isn't dying from all of this. As he juggles, he is riding a unicycle. The unicycle is perched atop a large, brightly coloured rubber ball. There is a hat you may wish to drop money into. Hopefully no police officers will come along and discover he doesn't actually have a permit to do this.]

((Please state which choice you'd like to tag in for in the heading, he is busy today! Also feel free to notice him as that boy that was hustling people in that OTHER casino down the road half an hour ago and try to demand your money back, challenge him to a game, do whatever!))
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