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[A post apocolyptic world, the buildings lay in ruin and creepy crosses fill the sky. There's been a slaughter here; blood stains and spread out bodies litter the streets. Some people might recognise from being here before, a red haired boy, Lavi, is slumped against a crumbling wall with both his eyes missing. Kanda lays by a lake, his head lolling back in the water and his left arm completely ripped off. An older woman with brown curly hair, Miranda, is staked to the ground with a spike through her stomach, her eyes still open. Another man with black and white hair, Crowley, is surrounded by a pool of far more blood than the human body is capable of holding. His mouth hangs open, and his teeth are missing. A blond man with an absolutely ridiculous haircut (seriously, it's like a bowl cut with a waist length plait) is impaled to a wall just off the ground, his hands and a few paper seals lying a little way away.

There are others, people from the science department, finders, the Third Exorcists, but their bodies aren't nearly as gruesome. Only one girl is in a coffin, a black coffin filled with white roses and stained with blood. A young, pretty Chinese girl lays there, her body posed with care and almost loving attention. She's been put in a pretty black lacy dress, and a large black sword with a cross design has been stabbed through her heart. Of course, the sword is so big it plunges through her entire chest as well.

Allen himself is standing away from the scene of all his dead friends, his right hand is stabbed through and drenched in blood. He's trying desperately to wake up and ignore the bloodshed, it might have become commonplace to him after a while but the sight of his dead friends is still incredibly unpleasant. Faintly, piano music can be heard all around, an ominous piece to set the tone. Just beyond that is the sound of laughter, a deep, rumbling sound that sends chills down your spine. And just beyond that is a voice chanting non-stop; 'Kill. Kill them allkillki llt hem A L L E N W A L K E R kiiiill neverforgive kill them all'. Eventually Allen gets tired of that and turns around, yelling at the sky]

Oh shut up! I get it already, no!

((Long story short, a psycho killer with magical and questionably holy powers implanted his memories into Allen and is trying to drive him insane so he can take over his body and might kill all his friends when he does. Watch out for said psycho killer manifesting himself to your character, he is not safe. Allen leads a fun life :'D))
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