Feb. 12th, 2011

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[There are so many plates on the screen. So, so many, piled up impossibly high. Allen is fiddling with his communicator for a moment as he sits in the cafe, waiting. Waiting for the video feed to turn on, waiting for the waitress to bring out more food, and waiting to see if anyone else shows up to interrupt his meal. The screen finally focuses on him a moment later.]

This is a curse, isn't it? I've had three or four people show up to talk to me, only to disappear after a few minutes. And everyone is posting about the same thing happening to them. It doesn't seem so bad as curses go, it's just talking to people, but wh- Oh!

[He cuts off to thank the waitress finally brings out a wheelbarrow of food, digging into that pile like a boss! Allen seems to have forgotten what he was making a post about now that the distraction of food is here oh my gosh this cake is amazing etc. etc. Somehow, his stomach has not yet exploded. Aren't you tempted by this impressive display ladies?]

((Everybody come speed date the human black hole he is a very social creature ♥))


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